BUCKET LIST: Do it at the Edge of the World

The lockdown has pushed you to the brink of ideas, you no longer know where to go and it’s closed everywhere? Are you on the verge of thinking: what, where, and with whom? So it’s time to reach out to the extreme, come to the edge of our region and cut yourself out of the icy pleasure and pure skating joy. Enjoy it all the way to the region, blow it up at Lake Úhorná, slide on the frozen Smolnícky Tajch lake. Heavy frosts provide an ideal opportunity to create natural areas for skating. Enjoy it on the frozen Palcmanská Maša or on the frozen surface of the river in the Hornád Gorge Canyon. And then set off for Mlynský Náhon, and completely tired, but full of endorphins and with a recovered soul, close this mega-skating trip in the beautiful Poráč Valley.

1. Do it at the Edge of the World 

Úhorná Lake, Smolník

So, take your sharpened skates and use the shimmering surfaces for a chance of active recreation. You have the honour to skate through the lake, which was created as a mining work – tajch, to skate through a dam which is one of the remarkable pieces of evidence of the technical sophistication of Smolník mining. Show your technical sophistication skills here as well. In addition to the history, you will undoubtedly appreciate the local shipyard which will become the backdrop for your skating performance. Your knees may melt when you find that there is a 35-metre-long tunnel under the lake. But keep on skating calmly, the above-mentioned lake was built in 1768 and will be there for skaters for the next millennium. But as you roam the ice of this lake, remember one of the legends that also speaks of the mysterious local waters. The Celtic warriors allegedly discovered them by stabbing their spears and arrows into the water. In the morning, they were surprised tp see they changed the surface and colour. They found out that this water must contain something, it already has a rusty colour. However, your memories of the local skating will not rust, because this water has healing effects in any state. Just like the scenery of the surroundings.

2. Skating the longest rink throughout   

Hornád Gorge

Cross the Hornád Gorge. It will not break, don’t worry, this ice is as rock-solid as the rocks everywhere along the banks of the Hornád. When the river level freezes continuously, the Hornád Gorge turns into the longest ice rink in this country. So slide on long distances, you won’t experience this on any other rink. In winter, it belongs to the most popular localities in the Slovak Paradise. Frozen gorges offer a 12-kilometre route for skaters. The first crossing of the Hornád Gorge along its frozen surface took place in February 1906. Join those for whom this skating crossing has since become an unforgettable experience. From the frozen surface you will get a completely different view of the surroundings. However, it is also a certain dose of adrenaline, because it rarely happens that the level of Hornád is perfectly frozen. Some people also like night skating, which is very romantic. Hornád created a canyon-like valley, the banks of which fall from the side ridges and hills in places with a difference of more than 300 m. Of course, the most attractive are the sections where in the summer you will go on the iron risers sunk into the rock directly above the surface of the Hornád, but now you have this space under the risers. This is an unforgettable experience. You will choose your pace and adapt it to the enchanting surroundings of beautiful nature. You may always find out about the quality of the ice from the Mountain Rescue Service.

3. Performing a pirouette amidst the forest

Palcmanská Maša

Yevgeny Plushchenko himself would envy you for this! A very large skating rink, which you can indulge in the vicinity our Košice region, is the one in Dedinky. Beautiful scenery, majestic trees, thanks to which you will breathe in the fragrant atmosphere and you will be pleased with the wide skating rink created by nature. It is also the largest body of water in the Slovak Paradise. It has a very good location for tourists, because it is near the village, which is an important centre of tourism in the southern part of the Slovak Paradise. The nearby steep limestone slopes of Geravy will also admire your skating performance. The dam is not just for skating but also cross-country skiing. The huge frozen water reservoir Palcmanská Maša attracts skaters and people for taking walks.

4. Browsing the city on skates

Mlynský náhon, Košice

Shovel off your snow of laziness, pour the icy surface with water of your determination and browse the urban atmosphere on the sharpened skates. The environment of the water stream which has frozen and is not flowing is now standing still – waiting for you and your pirouettes. Drive your friends on this drive and drive them. The frosts that returned turned Mlynský Náhon into a natural ice rink and open ice rinks again. Show under the windows of the people of Košice how the icy atmosphere is enjoyed. Overcome all of your accumulated energy, like a former turbine overcame energy in this place, which the city then used for night street lighting instead of gas lamps or to drive trams. Move your friends and be the driving force of the mill drive. This water area, which is fantastic by the way and people enjoy it, adds an icy charge of energy and refreshing the city mood, the atmosphere right in the city centre on the frozen Mlynský Náhon.

5. Finding ice at plus temperatures    

Poráč Park relax & sport centrum

Warm your heart with the love of skating right in the heart of the Poráč Valley. The ice rink complements the complex sports activities in the Poráč Park Relax & Sports Centre. There is also a cross-country ski run and an ice rink in this resort. With its dimensions of 15 x 30 m, the ice rink will provide even more demanding skating experience. Thanks to its roofing, the ICE arena is an excellent skating choice in any weather. The Poráč Valley is located on the border of the Slovak Paradise and the Slovak Ore Mountains. Surrounded by picturesque hills, rich fauna and flora, it offers relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of cities. In this valley, your body will rest and your soul will rejoice. It is a real rest at the end of the paradise region with a fresh winter atmosphere. However, it is also one of the best sports for developing muscle endurance. And what’s more, when you’re on skates, it’s time for old familiar endorphins – the hormones of happiness. Skating clears up the mind perfectly well, it is a type of cardio activity, also suitable for strengthening immunity, it improves not just maintaining balance but also coordination of movement.