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Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra (UNESCO)

The village of Žehra hides one of the worlds most unique objects in the form of an enchanting late Romanesque church from the middle of the 13th century. It is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. To date it is almost without damage and has preserved its characteristic rectangular nave with directly finished square sanctuary and prismatic tower. The construction of the Baroque onion dome of the church tower that completes its unrepeatable silhouette was completed in 1769. The biggest treasure of the church is constituted by rich wall paintings covering all presbytery, triumphal arch and northern wall. Paintings are placed chronologically and they represent comprehensive iconographic programme. In the vault of triumphal arch there are placed medallions with busts of prophets and Hungarian kings, St. Stephen and Ladislaus, authors of the ecclesiastic organization in the Kingdom of Hungary.

Žehra 87, Žehra
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