Churches and Cathedrals

Dominican Church in Košice

It is the oldest church in the town and actually, at the sime time the most ancient preserved object of Košice at all. It is dedicated to Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The tower exceeds the tower of St. Elizabeth Cathedral by more than 8 metres, and thus the Dominican church is the highest historical building of Košice. It was built around 1920 by Order of the Dominican monks. The church successively survived two big fires and it was reconstructed more times. The most ancient part is the Roman nave. Originally it had narrow windows that were widened during Baroque reconstruction. Walls are covered by frescos by Štefan Vörös from the period of 1750 – 1758. The blue ceiling is remarkable, it gives impression that the church has no roof. Furthermore, you can admire also beautiful altars and stained glasses, most tourists are attracted by the mystic underground world of the church with vast cellars and crypts directly under the Dominican square.

Dominikánske námestie 594, Košice
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