Mining Trail in Žakarovce

The East Slovak district of Gelnica is inextricably linked with the historical industry - mining. The village of Žakarovce, which belongs to the district of Gelnica and which was originally founded as a mining village, is no exception. However, as the years went by and not only state regimes, but also the economic and economic situation in Slovakia changed, mining in this area gradually disappeared. Today, this bygone glory is brought closer to the public by the mining trail built here, consisting of four stops.

Žakarovce is located north of the town of Gelnica and west of the well-known village of Margecany.

The mining path consists of four stops with signs on which you may find the history of the village, an orientation map, and interesting municipal "attractions". The first stop is the "Žakarovská Koľajnica" rail, which contains a description and schedule of stops in Žakarovce. The Žakarovce rail is also located at this stop. It is a memory of the first mining cog railway in Austria-Hungary and Slovakia. The second stop is the "Klopačka", which used to call miners to work in the morning. The third stop is called "Portál Zuzana" and the fourth stop is "Bakery and Dry Toilet". The bakery is the name for an oven for baking bread, which includes a dry toilet and a preserved urinal from the 18th century

In Žakarovce, there is also a Mining House with a sample of mining housing, owned by the municipality.

Žakarovce 336, Žakarovce