Overlooking tower Čerešenka

Fans of panoramic views may enjoy the entire panorama of the Slanské mountains including the continuing part of Zemplínske mountains in Hungary or the Torysa valley. You can also see the eastern part of the Volovské hills including Kojšovská hoľa, Sopotnické hills, Toryská upland or the hills surrounding Košice and Prešov. It is possible to view panoramas from the windows of the staircase on the 2nd floor through steel crossed arms and from the top of tower. Information panels are located in the attic. The overlooking tower stands on a stepped substructure of approx 30 centimeters high and beyond surrounding terrain with ground plan 15.3 x 25 meters and modified landscaping, grassy land. An adjustment of ground base and whole lot should raise the value of seeing dominant tower in open country.

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