Photogallery of Robert and Cornell Capa

The permanent exhibition of world-known photographers from America, mother of whom originally came from Veľké Kapušany. The reproductions of photographic work of authors are displayed there; history and evolution of photography and development of photography apparatuses. Photogallery constitutes the part of cultural profile of Town of Veľké Kapušany, is situated in Cultural Centre of the Town. The main idea for establishing photogallery has been the fact that mother of two world-known photographers Robert and Cornell Capa, Julia Berkowits had originally come from Veľké Kapušany. The photogallery in permanent exhibitions reflects: family, childhood and youth of Robert and Cornell Capa, reproductions of their photographical work of art, history and evolution of photography, development of photographical lenses and photograhic cameras. The rest of gallery area provides area provides and option towards photographers to present their work in form of open exhibits.

Námestie I. Dobóa 2, Veľké Kapušany