House of traditions in Čerhove

Even though the village of Čerhov is situated in the multicultural region of Tokaj, it is purely a Slovak village, which is proven by its exposition collection centralized in the house of traditions, which was opened in 2006. The room recreating the pheasant room includes authentic furniture, kitchen appliances, as well as functioning KRSONA and KOLOVRAT, where residents would make their cloth from canape. This exposition also consists of samples of different kinds of old manual work including sewing of blankets, towels and folk dresses. Another part of the exhibition is the presentation of antique agricultural equipment. The wine industry is among those presented here; it has had a very long tradition in this region. One of the exhibits is the authentic press built in 1903 in Vienna; it is still fully functioning as of today. The exposition is also filled with pictures of this village, which document different decades and fashion styles of this village.

Čerhov 100, Čerhov
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