Ružín Water Reservoir

The Ružín Water Reservoir was created by damming the Hornád River in the deep, winding valley of the Bujanovské Hills and is one of the most beautiful water areas in Slovakia. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, while the most beautiful view of the water reservoir comes from the rocky hill Sivec. After damming the river, at the now flooded village of Ružín, the lake reaches a length of 14 km. The dam is narrow and long because it extends in the mountainous valley of the Hornád River. The lake is deep up to 60 m and covers the area of 390 hectares. Ružín is perfect for relaxing in the nature, sailing the boat, but it is also a paradise for all fishermen. The water is cold even in the summer months, so it will refresh the swimmers and water skiers.

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