Ski Brodok

The Ski resort Poráč Brodok, located 18 km from Spišská Nová Ves, offers good skiing conditions for both beginners and advanced skiiers. Latemar, Lenko and Geminy type snow cannons are used for artifical snow, and the slopes are maintained by Leitner and Kassbohrer type snowplows. The Ski resort Poráč Brodok received a certificate of categorization from the company Lavex/Sitour. It was put into category 3 (three stars).

Base of the slopes: 674 meters above sea level
Top of the slopes: 810 meters above sea level
Elevation: 136 meters
Total transport capacity: 1300 people/hour
Total number of slopes: 3
Beginner slopes: 1
Advanced slopes: 1
Intermediate slopes: 1
Total length of slopes: 1,23 km
Length of artificial snow trails: 1230 m
Artificial snow: yes

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