Summerhouse Dardanelle

Wolfgang Farkaš Mariássy had the summerhouse - located in a French park of the Manor house in Markušovce - built in the second half of the 18th century. It was used for social and representative purposes. Today, there is a fascinating exhibition of keyboard instruments there. It explains the origin, development and the different types of keyboard instruments, such as pianos, organs and clavichords. On the ground floor, you can admire positives – small portable organs obtained from neighboring Catholic and Evangelical churches (the most valuable from one from 1767). The second floor is dedicated to string keyboard instruments mainly from the 19th century, when their production was widespread. Also, supposedly, the best concert hall in Slovakia is located here. In addition to the perfect acoustics, it intrigues the visitor with interesting frescoes with scenes from Greek mythology. The hall is used to this day for concerts or other social events.

Michalská 55, Markušovce
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