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Running in Košice

Forget the seven-mile boots that will take you quickly to distant places. With us, classic sneakers are enough for visitors to get to know them effectively, with which you can do even in mild fitness on the streets. Get to know the city differently. Try it like local athletes do, and run!

Let’s run to the city together! It doesn’t always have to mean just spending the evening with a drink at a local pub. This challenge is also more beautiful, because the local people of Košice feel like an important part of the running world. Thanks to the strong tradition of the international marathon, but also smaller local runs, the people of Košice are used to spewing a few encouraging shouts. When exploring the city while running, you may be surprised by the spontaneous fan base, who will greet the athletes with joy and smiles.

Pass through the Furča Forest Park like a whirlwind

If you want to be the master of the road, maybe even of the whole forest, and you don’t need encouraging fans to perform, run to the Furča Forest Park. You will let your worries dissipate in the dense forest and will only perceive the customs of the locals who use THE Forest Park for family weekend walks. The entire 7-kilometre route back and forth among the tall, slender trees leads along a straight asphalt road. However, you have to stop about halfway along the route! No, there is no obstacle, just an endless view right on the borderline of the two forests.

On the route, you will be informed about the kilometres walked, you do not have to pull out your latest “Garmini”. Information boards along the route are a great help, motivating you to perform better every 0.5 kilometres. Athletes will also enjoy the information that they will find a fully equipped social amenities in the forest.

Location: Košice, Dargovských Hrdinov – Forest Park Furča

Route length: 7 km

Nature of the route: combination – asphalt + forest surface (in case you go from the main asphalt route to the sidewalks), slight elevation

Rush “seagulls” (or pigeons) in city parks

A sufficiently wide promenade, lined with historic buildings with cafes in combination with rich green parks, which will provide you with a considerable amount of oxygen. The City Park is ideal to start the trot, to which you will be guided by a bridge near Jakab’s Palace. A number of gravel sidewalks, intertwined between green areas, where locals sunbathe, read books or “picnic” in the summer months. You will change the faster dynamics of the run in the vibrant city centre, which you will surpass as a winning marathon run, accompanied by admiring views of people on the cafe and restaurant terraces. Yes, we understand that you will not keep this pace and Hollywood smiles for long, so choose the peaceful environment of the park on Moyzesova Street to finish exploring the city. It is located close to the city centre. Even if you still experience the pace of a vibrant city, the green oasis will give you plenty of room to slow your breathing down.

Location: Košice – City Park, Moyzesova street (park), Hlavná street

Route length: 7 – 15 km

Nature of the route: gravel, asphalt, flat

Nad Jazerom Dam = your teleport to Margitsziget Island in Budapest

Do you know the shots in which people with a perfect figure and headphones casually trot on the coast and feel that the world belongs to them? Yes, you will find this feeling, but a little more authentic and believable with a slight dose of retro and remnants of socialism! The dam next to the lake in the city district Nad Jazerom is also ideal for beginners. A gentle breeze will blow you on a long and straight route along the Hornád River and with a view of the surrounding forests on one side and the housing estate on the other. The straight asphalt route is safe and is a popular place not just for runners but also for skaters.

Before the run, you can have a great coffee at the cafe, where a French bulldog named Boston is the main character. According to the name of this hairy hero, you will find a restaurant near the dam.

Location: Košice, Nad Jazerom – Dam

Route length: 5 – 9 km

Nature of the route: asphalt, flat