Untouched traditions and crafts

Paradise bees

Beekeeping – amateur or professional breeding of bee colonies is one of the oldest crafts in this country and its development may be wonderfully observed. Traditional beekeeping developed in the first millennium from forest beekeeping – the stealing and collecting honey from forest bees. Just like the bear has been doing so far. Originally, the bee colony was kept in logs and baskets, from which honey was collected at the cost of exterminating the bees. Rational beekeeping began in Slovakia only in the mid-19th century.

The popularity of bee honey for its taste and great health benefits for humans have made the bees – a hard-working animal – another “breeding animal”. Today, the importance of bees is more significant than ever, many beekeeping enthusiasts are starting small bee families and bottling their own honey. Beekeeping is also popular even in cities, on the roofs of buildings and in city parks. Are you fascinated by the mysterious life of bees, their behaviour and rituals? Or are you just a lover of sweet honey, scented beeswax candles, and you can’t afford propolis or pollen? We recommend you visit beekeepers from the east and taste honey from flowering meadows, agate groves or honeydew from fir mountains.

Mimi Farm Opátka – a small family farm in the picturesque village of Opátka, near the Ružínska Priehrada dam. 31 km from Košice direction Gelnica, where you may spend time right in the apiary, explore the beehive through a glass observation hive, learn about the process of honey processing, taste honey and mead, learn how to make a candle from beeswax, or just spend time in a pleasant atmosphere of the mini farm with animals and at games on the playground. You may also stop at the farm for a cup of real honey or other farm products.

You may get the current offer of products sold from the yard directly from the farmers on phone No. 0948 030 264 https://www.mimifarma.eu/

MIMI Farm Opátka 35

Mellifera beekeeping

taste honey from the Silická Planina plateau directly in the Slovak Karst National Park. Sale of bee products directly from the beekeeper in Silica from a family beekeeping with a 25-year tradition.

Phone number 0908 995 659 https://www.facebook.com/Mellifera-sro-174598462707696/

Medotéka health from the nature of Barca meadows and pasture land of Buzica. Apiaries for your honey moments, gift packaging of bee products with poetry. Choose a hand-painted gift box from the online honey shop or buy from the beekeeper directly from the yard in Barca, on Poničanova Street 1.


Paradise bees in the apiary in the part of Pamulová. In Hrabušice in the north of the Slovak Paradise, bees behave a little differently – friendly. In the new VČELY RAJA (paradise bees) complex, in addition to organic beekeeping, educational workshops are provided to complement adventure tourism, where you will find space for relaxation and apitherapy. http://www.urbariathrabusice.sk