Bobsleigh - Kavečany

From the top of the hill, you go downhill in a stainless steel canal in a cart with a handbreak. The carts are designed for one or two people. You control the speed of the cart with the handbreak. Due to superior foreign technology installed in hundreads of places around the world, everyone will have an awesome experience from this dynamic sports ride, whether older or just kids. You can combine the visit of the bobsleigh ride either with going to the largest ZOO in Slovakia, taking a walk or hike to the cabin Hrešná and on the Slovak Ore mountains, or having a family picnic by one of the campsites.

Information about the track:

first summer bobsleigh ride in Slovakia
length 800 meters
9 extreme turns
3 terraine breaks
3 tunnels
altitude of the return station 498 meters above sea level
average slope of the track 28%.

Bobsleigh opening times are updated at: https://goo.gl/maps/tAUnwBEGL5g1SkSc9

Kavečany, Košice