Castle and Residential Premises in Budkovce

In Budkovce, the residential premises of Wicsmány family are located. The Wicsmány family is the second most important after the Buttkay family. As the only noble family, except Buttkay family, owned (from 1568) the right to bear arms.

Renaissance Buttkay castle from 1617 of irregular ground-plan is placed on the small square in the centre of Budkovce. Local landowners, from the Buttkay family, received the permit to built up the new small fortress in 1489. But don´t assume however, that this small fortress is located somewhere within cadastre of Budkovce village. The Renaissance Castle was built in 1617 and it was rebuilt between the 18th and 19th century. Currently, there is a medical center and a drugstore in the castle.

Budkovce 118, Budkovce
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