Castle Cejkov

The Castle was built in 13th century after the Tatar invasion. Even though it belonged amongst less larger castles, it is surrounded by an elevated wall. It was destroyed at the turn of 14th and 15th century. It was restored again in 1407 by Theodore Soós and Matej Kelecsény as the king Žigmund permitted them to do it. In the same century it has been, for certain time, controlled by brotherhood followers and after the oppression of this movement it had to be destroyed. The instruction to demolish was in fact not enforced and according to chronicles the castle was still standing in 1478. But it did not avoid its demolition. In 1673, it was destroyed by the Emperor´s troops, after it had been proved that the castle owner participated in the Vesselenyi Conspiracy. For the time being, the remaining sections of the building material can be seen on the castle.