Draisine Oval

The Alpinka recreation resort offers opportunities for both young and old to enjoy sports, entertainment and recreation in the embrace of nature. The area consists of a restaurant, mini zoo, playground for children, Tarzania (rope park), and many other attractions. A unique Draisine Oval has been added to this range of activities.

Visitors can get to the Košice draisines by taking the Košice Children's Historical Railway, which travels from the Čermeľ station to the Alpinka station and back. It is at the final station (Alpinka) where these light rail vehicles are located.

The Draisine Oval is approximately 300 metres long of the so-called "mining gauge" measuring 600 mm. This mode of transport was used a lot in the past, mostly by passengers commuting to work. Draisines were driven mechanically - by muscle power or equipped with a motor. However, with technical progress, draisines gradually disappeared from people's lives. Today, they are a trendy ecological attraction for all age groups.

Near the resort, there are also golf and paintball. The surrounding forests, on the other hand, offer several hiking trails and nature trails. Climbers may use the training climbing rock Rokodromo, which is near the Čermeľ children's railway station. It is the work of the Košice climbers and was the first artificial and training rock in the former Czechoslovakia, the only one at that time. The Rokodromo complex was built in 1987. The wall is 9 metres high, 8 metres wide, and 24 metres long.

Železničná stanica Alpinka, Košice-Sever