Gombasek Area

The Gombasek Cave, included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List, is one of the most important caves of the Slovak Karst National Park. The area of the cave is set in the beautiful nature of the Silická Planina Plain.

The village of Slavec, on the territory of which the Gombasek Cave is located, is only 10 km far from Rožňava. The entrance to the cave is only a few metres above the Čierna Vyvieračka (Black Hot Spring).

In the area of the Gombasek Cave, there is an educational trail consisting of 10 stops, which show the natural and historical attractions of this location through information boards. Information is provided on the boards in up to three languages, Slovak, English, and Hungarian. One of the stops on the educational trail is a sacred monument - the defunct Gothic monastery of the Paulines of the 14th century. It is possible to enter the area through the entrance building in the form of an original building made of oak wood. Your look will undoubtedly fall on the revitalised ruins of the Pauline Monastery. Thanks to the information elements in the area, you will learn all the important and interesting information even without a guide. The monastery area is also enriched with a reconstructed church bell tower, which offers a permanent view not just of the monastery area itself, but also of the
Gombasek Valley. In addition to the view, there is also a fountain in the area, which serves as a public source of potable water. In the area, you will also find a unique information board called Window to the Past. This is the only visualisation in Slovakia that connects ruins with the historical state. When you stand in the designated place, in front of the new transparent board, you will see the existing ruins and "completed" authentic remains of the former monastery of the past.

In the neighbouring village of Silica, you may stop at a cave called Silická Ľadnica. The cave is created in Mesozoic Middle Triassic Light Wetterstein limestones of the silica mantle.

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