Literary museum of Pavol Horov in Bánovce nad Ondavou

Pavol Horov belonged to the top representatives of modern Slovak poetry in the 20th century. He expressed a dislike for aggression and war from the beginning of his career. He was born on May 25th, 1914 in the town of Bánovce nad Ondavou. Pavol worked as a teacher in Čana and Michalovce. After the liberation by the Red Army, he became the director of the Czechoslovak radio station in Košice (1948-1950). One year later, he became the chief publisher for the newspaper called "Slovenský Spišovateľ" (Slovak writer) in Bratislava. Later on, Pavol moved on in his career to become a deputy chief of the Union of Slovak writers, and the director of "Slovenský Spišovateľ". He also worked at the Slovak centre for book culture. From 1964, Pavol Horov focused strictly on his literature work only. The museum of literature is located on the grounds of a former elementary school that opened back in 1936. This exhibition presents documents about the personality, achievements and literature work of this person.

Bánovce nad Ondavou 191, Bánovce nad Ondavou
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