Little Gallery MsKS Michalovce

The Little gallery has an irreplaceble status within MsKS activity. Within its premises took place exhibitions of professional and non-professional painters and visual artists the artistic works of various kinds and genre. Michalovce town and MsKS since 1998 on is every two years opening its door and heart to visual artists - painters, who by their visual variations wake up positive emotions in men, love to the motherly soil and to the man. The participators to painting and sculpturing symposium through its art are getting the City and its surroundings to the awareness of both artistic and general public and are leaving strong message to next generations to grasp the beauty of Zemplín through works of art. Exhibition premises are located in City Cultural Centre. The exhibitions and openings are taking place there.

Námestie osloboditeľov 25, Michalovce
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