Gallery of Zemplín Edification Center Michalovce

Zemplin Edification Centre (ZEC) is participating on storage, disclosure and protection of traditional folklore values, leisure - artistic activities and creativity. The integral part of Zemplin Edification Centre in Michalovce is a gallery and a small saloon, that serve for presentation and confrontation of creativity of wide range of painters, photographers, folklore creative artists and pupils of elementary and second degree artistic schools of Michalovce. In the gallery are taking place not only competitive, but also authorship and collective exhibitions. The aim of ZEC is to provide professional-methodology and advisory activities to implementers of cultural-edification activity in Michalovce and Sobrance counties. The ZEC goal is to allow conditions for high-quality leisure activities, prevention of anti-social phenomena and illegal drugs addiction with core focus on young generation. All these goals and efforts are aimed at organizing of district, county and regional competitions, exhibitions and lecturing activites.

Gorkého 1, Michalovce