Sándor Márai Memorial Exhibition

Sándor Márai Memorial Exhibition was opened to the public in Košice, on Mäsiarska Street, on January 22, 2019.

This unique permanent exhibition presents the life and work of a famous native of Košice in chronological and thematic order. Quotes from Sándor Márai lead the visitor all along the exhibition. The texts are complemented by photographs, portraits, documents and books. With the help of modern technology the visitor can see images of Košice from Márai’s days as well as photographs of the writer’s family. In addition, you can hear the voice of Sándor Márai and his wife Lola, as well as of his brother, film director Géza Radványi. Extracts from some of his films are also available.

Mäsiarska 35, Košice
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