Wooden Church in Inovce

Greek Catholic Church of Saint Michael - Archangel is proclaimed as National Cultural Heritage. The three-section log building is covered by shingle hipped roof with two small towers.

It was built in 1836. This three-sided building of a rustic type with presbyterium and nave having square floor plan and open area under the tower-"babinec" is covered by a hipped shingle roof. The premises have planked flat ceilings. The tower fits into the "babinec" construction, it's situated in an overhanging roof and is chartered by wooden corbels. The Main altar with iconostas has new-baroque ornaments and originates from the same era as the building. The icon of Jesus the Teacher originates from 1760-1780. The iconostas is from the second half of 19th century. An icon of interest is "Piety" which bears the signature of the author, Michal Mankovič, 1842.

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