Untouched traditions and crafts

Being a winemaker for one day

The Tokaj wine region is primarily the birthplace of the royal drink, but it hides a lot of the unknown. Although it is the smallest wine-growing area in Slovakia (with an area of only 907 ha in the cadastral areas of Bara, Čerhov, Černochov, Malá Tŕňa, Slovenské Nové Mesto, Veľká Tŕňa, and Viničky), world wine is produced there. The unique Slovak wine region is enhanced by historic tuff cellars, barrels full of wine, and picturesque villages with a rich history. Fairy-tale-like walks through the vineyards and the surrounding countryside, traditional home-cooked food and pleasant rural accommodation will enchant anyone who visits this unique corner of Slovakia. In Tokaj, you can become part of this story yourself, put your hand to the work, not only as a consumer, but almost like a real winemaker alongside the master of the wine!

Visit also:
Veľká Tŕňa
Winemaking small cellars in the village of Veľká Tŕňa represent a set of 33 stone portals that will take you to the historic Tokaj wine cellars. Medieval 15th-century cellars, carved into the fragile but solid tuff stone, hide not just the liquid treasures of local growers. The civic association Tokaj Cellars brings together small winemakers – growers who make their wines in the Tokaj Wine Region.
Víno Vdovjak
Vdovjak Wine. You will find a pleasant home atmosphere in a small Tokaj cellar, where you will be offered a truly original wine experience by candlelight with Matúš Vdovjak. If you are interested, they will also provide you with private accommodation.
J & J Ostrožovič
The wine cellars in the Tokaj Wine Region are mysterious, full of liquid treasures hidden from our impatient thirst. Historically, they were built as shelters for settlers from the destructive invasions of Turkish troops. Today, they perform a much more pleasant function. Descend the long stairs to a 13-metre-deep, moulded cellar and uncover hidden secrets. Amber golden wine will smell the crust of dark bread, grapes, and home at the same time.
Today, the fourth generation of the Macík family has a passion for wine, fidelity to tradition, and a determination to continue the craft. The winery is one of the elite winemakers who offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality products. Wines are produced using both modern and traditional technology. The inclusion of two wines in the Cité du vin Bordeaux wine house in France, where they are the only ones representing Slovakia in the world, is a success. The Macík also provide a wide range of services in wine tourism.
Tokaj & CO, Malá Tŕňa
The historic Tokaj & CO cellar from the 13th century is the largest in Tokaj, with a total length of 2.5 kilometres and stores 1,500 oak barrels. It is not for nothing that it is proud to be inscribed on the list of National Cultural Monuments.
Zlatá Putňa a Vinárstvo Zlatý Strapec
If you get hungry on Tokaj wanderings, call in a restaurant with a name that describes the uniqueness of Tokaj grapes and wine. The restaurant serves traditional Zemplín cuisine. In cooperation with a well-known Slovak chef, they have prepared a menu for you that combines traditional dishes of the Slovak-Hungarian tradition. In the vicinity of the Zlatá Putňa Pension, in a tuff cellar, wines from the Tokaj Zlatý Strapec family winery, which has been producing wine for three generations, are maturing.
Chateau GRAND BARI, Veľká Bara
The newly built Chateau GRAND BARI winery invites you to explore the modern view of Tokaj. In addition to the original tuff cellars, a restaurant with cooked meals, a terrace with beautiful views, a lookout tower, the Tokaj museum with a historic press of 1873, conference facilities and, of course, accommodation in luxurious 2-bed rooms await you.
Penzión Aqua Maria, Veľaty
Pension Aqua Maria Pension is located 14 km south of Trebišov and offers its guests year-round comprehensive services that will satisfy not just individuals but also larger groups. Here you will find a guest house, a restaurant, and a wine shop, a campsite and a leisure area with a swimming pool, playgrounds and a wellness centre.
Lookout Tower TOKAJ
Since 2015, the dominant feature of the Tokaj Wine Region is a 12-metre-high lookout tower, unique in its wooden barrel shape. It is located in vineyards between the villages of Malá Třňa and Černochov and is an ideal place for tourists, cyclists, and families with children. On the way up to the top, you will have a wonderful view of the Tokaj vineyards to the Hungarian town of Sátoraljaújhely.
The Podkova pond in Viničky represents the dead arm of the Bodrog River. The name is derived from the characteristic shape resembling a horseshoe. It is one of the most popular places for year-round fishing, especially for the possibility of fishing and boating on pleasant sunny days.
Plavba loďou po Bodrogu
The sailing through the Bodrog riverbed does not know the boundaries drawn on the map. The current will take you smoothly from Viničky to the Hungarian town of Sárospatak. It is popular in the summer because of the swimming pool, but a tour of Rákoczi Castle is also worth mentioning. A cruise on the Bodrog River on the LX Flora cruise ship allows for a unique and unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside.
Manor House in Borša
The newly renovated Renaissance manor house from the mid-16th century went down in history mainly by the fact that Francis Rákoczi II was born here. – leader of the last anti-Habsburg uprising. It happened on 27 March 1676. He did not stay in the manor for a long time and spent most of his childhood at the Mukachevo Castle. Today, the manor serves as museum. The exhibitions show the life and work of Francis II Rákoczi, the history of the Rákoczi family and also the history of the manor house itself. Renaissance portals, fireplaces, as well as older architectural elements from the medieval building have been preserved in the interior.