Castle in Pribeník

It is one of architectural masterspieces of Medzibodrožia, it is officially protected as a monument. It was built in 1798 by the Majláthy family, known for its charity. The Chapel was added later to the castle and consecrated in 1807 - today the public Roman Catholic Church. In 1899 the Castle was completely rebuilt in historicist style. The first floor was added, the area of service and farm buildings were enlarged and a new facility was created. The castle with the groundplan in the shape of the letter U is representative from the outside; the long wings consist of farm buildings. Its facade side is richly decorated. On the left side is a spiral staircase, that faces onto English park.

Recently there has been a large reconstruction with a sensitive approach to the whole sightseeing experience. This is because a large part of the castle was restored to its original beauty, even though new artefacts were added due to the activity of artists from Medzibodrožia. The park is well maintained and the tradition of horse breeding can be found here, established by J. Majláth. The secondary grammar school in Príbeník has a new horse riding area, where horseracing takes place every year.

J. Majlátha 2, Pribeník
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