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Cave Silická ľadnica

One of the most outstanding natural sights of the Silická plain in Slovak Karst. It is located on Silická plain, 2 kilometers to the west from the village Silica. The entrance-mouth of the corrosive-tumbling abyss is 503 meters above sea level. The descent, mostly horizontal parts, was developed by the Black Creek (Čierny potok) underground stream. Mr. J. Majko had broken into, for the first time, the Archeology Dome in 1931. The continuing underground premises along with Black Creek had been discovered by Czech cave-divers in 1988. The Cave is 1100 meters long and 110 meters deep, it was developed by mesozoic middle pale wetterstein limestone of Silica pall. The waters of Black creek from Silica glacier ore pouring into Gombasecká cave.

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