Memorable room of Viliam Gaňo

Viliam Gaňo was born in 1893 in the village of Laborec in the Michalovce regional district of Slovakia. Viliam was one of the first to focus on educating mentally and physically challenged children. As a specialist for teaching mentally and physically challenged, he relocated into a facility in Bousieno. He also worked at state institutions for blind and nervous kids between 1913 and 1915. Viliam's lifetime achievement was creating a theoretical basis for educating people with special needs, not only in Slovakia but all over the world. There is even a street in Bratislava named after this person who was even awarded a medal by J. A. Komenský. His granddaughter is a famous Slovak actress, Zuzana Kocúriková. The memorable room includes objects related to the life and work of Viliam Gaňo, as well as the equipment used for teaching students with special needs.

Trnava pri Laborci 163, Trnava pri Laborci