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Mining Museum in Rožňava

The district museum of Gemer specializing in mining and metallurgy offers 6 permanent exhibitions. One of the most interesting exhibitions is on Šafáriková 41. It documents the development of mining from prehistoric times to the present, with displays of primitive mining tools, vehicles, mine measuring and lighting technology. Interestingly enough, the exhibition is located in the oldest building in Central Europe built for mining and metallurgy museums. The exhibition on Šafáriková 43, that is built underground, provides a real view into the working environment of a miner. It shows the workings of mining fronts of work in the extraction of iron ore and magnesite. Another gallery of the Mining Museum situated on Námestie baníkov 25 provides space for short-term theme based exhibitions.

Virtual tour: https://www.banmuz.sk/expozicie/virtualna-prehliadka

Šafárikova 31, Rožnava
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