Getting lost in the regions

Lost in Silica
Gemer Galaxy
Adrenaline in Paradise
The East Untamed

The city as gallery

Košice is a city of galleries, museums, and art. Art is everywhere in public space. Just look around and discover sculptures in its housing estates or paintings on the facades of buildings. Let's open our eyes to contemporary art, but let's not miss the works that history has left in the metropolis of the East and created the image of Košice. Head to the open-air gallery.

Untouched traditions and crafts

In the Košice region, you may collect experiences from all of its regions. In the Tokaj region, you may become a winemaker for one day, in the Gemer region, craftsmen will enchant you with traditions, in the Zemplín region, you will experience what you have not experienced before - the Forest Bath. Industrious bees will warm you up in the Spiš region in the natural environment of the Slovak Paradise, and in the vicinity of Košice, you will get to know untouched traditions. Do not collect souvenirs, but authentic experiences associated with processing, production, and tastings - become at least for a while part of the crafts and spread the traditions of our ancestors.

Experiencing the night/day as an Easterner

Getting lost in the regions: The Košice region also contains an experience in the clouds, in the underground of caves, and on the water of stormy rivers. You will experience a good dose of endorphins on the rocks of the Slovak Paradise, but also when jumping from a plane. Enjoy paradise from a bird's eye view, but the real Bird Paradise is waiting for you in the Zemplín region. Bird watching with a view of the volcanic mountains to the UNESCO monuments. For history enthusiasts, the Gemer route to black holes and wanderings through the forgotten Andrássy technical monum