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Forest bath

Nature is a strong healer, it can provide us with peace and relaxation. Man seems to be returning to nature instinctively and may not even know why. The forest used to be our natural environment and has been giving us its gifts, livelihood. and clean environment for thousands of years. Over the centuries, we have been learning how to recognise and use the healing power of trees and plants.

Herbal medicine, phytotherapy or herbal therapy are among the oldest and most effective treatments. More than 800 species of medicinal plants grow in Slovakia and about 150 of them are still used in official medicine today. After all, our ancestors already mastered the secrets of herbs and treated the sick. Learn it too! Enjoy the power of the forest and medicinal herbs. The unique concept of using the power of the forest was created in the natural environment above the Vinné Lake, about 8 km from Michalovce. You will go through the route tailor-made for this forest therapy slowly, gradually and with the involvement of all the senses. You will experience an intensive stay in the forest and fully obtain the health benefits that the forest provides us. Do not hesitate and experience the forest differently thanks to simple techniques, exercises, and forest bath activities accompanied by experienced forest therapists.

The forest bath includes:

Shinrin Yoku – forest therapy, a bath for health and relaxation, proven in Japan.

With the help of the pleasant therapeutic techniques of the Forest Bath, you will enjoy the positive effect of forest on your health. Sensitively, non-violently, without any interference with the life of the forest itself. This method brings many health benefits, as well as stress relief, support of the immunity system, improved health, prevention of burnout, increased concentration, improved sleep quality, support of healing processes, and many others. And why is the Forest Bath actually so healthful? The invisible substances that fly in the forest air are responsible for this. These substances, phytoncides, are also produced by trees for their own protection. They protect them from bacteria, viruses, fungi and insects. And through phytoncides, the trees even communicate with each other! Phytoncides are extremely fragrant, thanks to the various terpenes they contain.

At the forest bath, you will bathe in terpenes, in a “fragrant cocktail of trees”. And terpenes are responsible for directly improving our health.

Practical phytotherapy – the healing power of herbs.

Right in the forest, you may try and recognise trees and plants. You will learn something about their life and healing power, how to collect and process them. You will discover ways to sensitively make various medicines from them, you will recognise herbs for teas, for the kitchen and for the bath, and finally you will find out that making medicinal ointments, tinctures, oils or syrups from forest herbs is not so complicated at all. Just come and let yourself be carried away by nature.

Tasting of syrups and jams.

You will not find any dyes or flavours in these products; they are 100% biological. Producers enjoy living and working in a way that preserves traditions and indigenous culture, and strives to promote biodiversity and sustainability, while consciously respecting the wisdom and simplicity of our ancestors.

Nevertheless, it is wonderful to use traditional methods and quite simply to contribute to improving the quality of our lives and creating a safe place to live.

In addition to fruit and herbal beneficial syrups, we also offer homemade fragrant jams cooked in a cauldron.

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Vinianske Jazero lake
The lake covers an area of 8 hectares and is 3 metres deep. It was created in a saddle at the foot of two hills by creating an artificial dam and bringing water from the Viniansky Potok brook. It is surrounded by the adjacent forests and creates unique conditions for relaxation, boating, fishing, and hiking in the area. In winter, it is popular for skating and cross-country skiing. You may also enjoy relaxation near the lake from the terrace of a nearby hotel, a guest house, or a restaurant. Taste local specialties overlooking the tranquil surface in this natural setting.
Castle above the village of Vinné
This remarkable castle is just a short walk from the village of Vinné and Vinianske Jazero lake. It was probably built at the turn of the 13th – 14th centuries and its important function was to guard the road that led through the Laborec Valley and north of Galicia and Poland. In the 15th century, the castle was the centre of the Michalovce estate. At the beginning of the 18th century, after the suppression of the anti-Habsburg uprisings, they had the castle destroyed so that it would not become the seat of the rebels. The lords abandoned the castle and since then the castle has fallen into disrepair for many years. At present, however, everything is different and the Civic Association Zemplín-Uh Castle Route is mainly involved in saving the castle. The original medieval techniques and procedures are used in the restoration of the castle ruins, in addition, members of the Association and volunteers work in period clothing and evoke the true castle atmosphere. Come and see these renovation works and wonderful views of the surroundings with your own eyes. The castellan Ing. Jaroslav Gorás will guide you in the castle.
The ruins of the church under Senderov
The ruins of the church lie southeast of the village of Vinné on the terrace below the Senderov Vrch hill. It could probably be the St. Cross Church built by the first Hungarian monastic order of St. Paul the first hermit. Volunteers installed a large wooden cross and information boards here, from which you may learn more about the history of the church. Thanks to the location of this little-preserved monument, you will have views not just of the Zemplínska Šírava, but also of the surrounding nature of southern Zemplín. An easy tourist route from the village of Vinné and Kaluža leads to the ruins of the church and, in addition to hikers, it is also suitable for cyclists.
Hippocentre Vinné riding school hipocentrum.sk
If you also have succumbed to the view of the surrounding landscape from a horseback and you want to try it at least once in your life, you are in the right place. The Hippocentre also offers lessons for complete beginners. However, if you already feel at home on the sofa in the saddle, go on a several-hour or even several-day journey through the beauties of Zemplín, where you will visit the Vihorlat Hill and the beautifully blue Morské Oko (Sea Eye) on horseback.
Staško Winery – INVITAS
The history of this family winery has been officially written since 1991, but in fact it began much earlier, when the original vineyards fell victim to the construction of the Zemplínská Šírava lake in 1956. The family established a new one right in the village of Vinné, on the southern slopes of Malý Senderov. and it paid off. they have collected the crop from it until today, which they then process into a great wine. You may taste it in the original semicircular tasting room, where there is a statue of St. Urban, folk motifs. and historical tools from times past.
Product: Forest bath and practical phytotherapy
Come relax and recharge your batteries in the forest. We mean it, throw your cell phones behind your head, stop and treat yourself to a forest bath. This is exactly what awaits you in the beautiful surroundings of the forest near the Vinianske Jazero lake in Zemplín. Mrs. Berta Stašková and her colleagues, certified forest therapists, will guide you through a stay in nature that is beneficial for your body and soul. You will learn that the forest can be perceived by all the senses with the same intensity. With the help of pleasant forest bath therapeutic techniques, you will enjoy the positive effect of the forest on your health. Sensitively, non-violently, without any intervention into the life of the forest itself. Right in the forest, you will also try to make a natural ointment or tincture from herbs according to the old recipe of our ancestors. Herbal ointment will surely caress your skin long after you have passed this unique experience.”