Gothic Church in Koceľovce

The tower of the church from the first part of the 14th century is a noticeable landmark thanks to its unique roof. The tower has a square ground plan in the ground floor that changes to octagon from the first floor. The church is famous mainly thanks to the precious frescos that represent one of the heights of wall painting of Gemer. One of the most remarkable frescos is the scene of monumental Crucifixion and Burial where the Master of Ochtinské presbytery managed to represent deep sadness and pain of three Marias after the death of Jesus. According to probes frescos are preserved also in the nave, but they were not yet exposed. Experts date frescos in the period after 1400. The original forged door from the 14th century leads to sacristy, the main entrance door from the beginning of the 16th century is also of a similar type.

Koceľovce 32, Koceľovce
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