Parish Basilica of Birth of Holiest God Mother

Half way through the 18th century, the masses for the Uniates of Michalovce (later Greek Catholics) were performed in the local Roman Catholic Church by a cleric from Topoľany (an independent municipality, today integral part of Michalovce). The fact that the Greek Catholic Basilica should be in Michalovce is not mentioned by the Roman Catholic Bishop from Eger during his canonical visit in 1773.

Due to uncertainty of when the construction of the local Greek Catholic Basilica began there had been different unsupported versions. The first version claims that where the Church stands today, a wooden "Temple" of Eastern ceremony had been there before. Another one claims that on the road from Košice to Mukačevo in Michalovce, Empress Maria Theresa stopped and when she saw an uncompleted Basilica (it had been completed only up to the windows and covered by straw and even in such conditions church services were taking place there - construction had been interrupted due to occurrence of cholera), she sent 28 workers to complete the Temple.

Above the main entrance of this sacred building is rococo cartouche on which there is a double-headed eagle with the Imperial Crown and a ribbon with an inscription written in cyrillic with religious content - while the alleged date of construction is also visible. The baroque-classicist Greek Catholic Basilica was completed according to plans of Teresian Construction Chamber probably in 1787. However, the furniture of the Temple comes mainly from the 20th century, the paintings on the interior walls and ceiling were painted in 1985.

Jána Hollého 745, Michalovce
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