Košice Castle

The ruins of Košice castle are that of a former castle that was located on the top of the Hradova, northwest of Košice. Duke Omodej began building this castle in 13th century. The last member of Arpad family, Ondre III., died in 1301 and it was a cause for an argument between Omodej and the city of Košice over the ownership of the unfinished castle. Omodej ended up losing this half finished castle, the ownership went over to Babek family. This family also had to deal with Košice, over the claim that the property this castle was being built on actually belonged to Košice. Babek family ended up losing this case and the castle came under the ownership of Košice in 1430. Košice didn’t even care about the castle as much as valuables, properties and other things that came with the castle. Once all these things were gain by Košice, the interest in the castle itself was lost. This was the reason why this castle eventually turned into ruins and almost completely disappeared from the face of the earth. Nowadays, many historical events take place at this sight.

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