The Basilica of Transfer of Saint Nicholas Relics

The Greek Catholic wooden Basilica of Saint Nicholas - Bishop. It belongs among objects declared as National Cultural Heritage. In 2008 it was incorporated along with another 7 wooden churches of Carpatian arch into UNESCO World heritage.

The Basilica of Transfer of Saint Nicholal Relics - Bishop is from 1730. The wooden three-section log building consists of an altar room, a nave and a room under the spire. The altar room has a polygonal (6-angular) form. The roof is a shingle design. Its almost perfect hipped form resembles traditional peasant houses, but it is disturbed by one bigger tower over the "babinec" and a smaller tower over the altar section. The Interior is an original one and is designed in a baroque-rococo style. Iconostasis and altar were produced in first half of 18th century. On the Emperor´s Gate are icons of four evangelists (Mark, Mathew, Lucas and John), along with an icon of the Annunciation.

Worship in the church takes place even today.

For entering the church please call +421908362286.

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