The Jerusalem of Spiš

There is a uniquely shaped landscape in Spišško-Podhradská location called Pazit, which resembles Jerusalem. This town was built between 1666 and 1675 by the Jesuit monks. It was during the dark times of Turkish invasions, when people had no way of traveling to actual Jerusalem. An interesting fact is that all buildings were divided by exactly the same distance as the ones in Jerusalem, simply said it was a 1:1 replica of Jerusalem. The center of today’s Jerusalem of Spiš is three churches between Spiš Chapter and Spiš Chin. Other buildings of high importance that appear in this area too include the Cathedral of Saint Martin in Spiš Chapter (the place of Jesus’ last dinner), Church of Saint Rozalia replicates Herod's Palace, Church of Saint František Xaversky represents the house of Pontius Pilat, and Church of Saint Cross at Siva Brada is the famous Golgota. Seven small churches along the road represent walls of Jerusalem.

Spišské podhradie
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